Riding the Tricycle


The Ménage à trois, MFF, Lucky Pierre.  It’s commonly accepted to be the ultimate male fantasy.  When a man who hasn’t had one ever meets a man who has, the reaction is very peculiar.  There is often a mix of envy, admiration, reverence, but mostly curiosity.  Men who haven’t want to know how.

The bachelors’ Holy Grail of sexual conquest is dramatically more common than people think. I’ve found that there are more girls who want to have a threeway than there are girls who want to have anal sex (44% vs 31%). But virtually all MFF threeways fringe on some pre-gaming that helps dramatically:

A) You already have one girl who wants to have a threeway- 
She doesn’t have to be bisexual, but it does help. A straight-but-very-accommodating girlfriend who wants to give you a treat is peachy. You’re real likely to find these ladies in swing/poly/kinky/nerdy/knitter communities.
B) You’re the kind of guy who is put together and has something to offer-
If you can’t woo one girl, you will not woo two.

That being said, here’s been some scenarios that have worked for me. In order (from most to least likely to succeed):

1. The Orchestration
This takes planning and a partner. Once you have someone in whom to be cahoots, shop around for a third. Craigslist and OkCupid are a decent starting points, but you will be one of dozens of couples looking to spice up their relationship by adding a third (they call these kinds of couples “Unicorn Hunters” in the poly world). Your best bet would be to find a mutual friend who already knows and likes both of you. The established rapport will make everyone extra-comfortable with having a fun, little sex-party.
The Orchestration is quite an undertaking, I could write an entire post about it.  If there’s enough of a response, I might…
2. The Afterparty
You are out with a couple of girls and the scene is a dead-end for cute boys (probably a Lincoln Park pub). As the night comes to a close, ask if they’d like to come back to your place. If their libidos are all in the proper alignment, a playful threeway with some close friends is a lot more appealing than taking some guy home from the bar.
3. Strange Bedfellows
Through some means or another (conventions, traveling, etc…), you might end up sleeping in the same bed as a few close friends or maybe a partner & friend. If you end up in bed with a couple of ladies that both fancy you, most of the work has already been done. And generally, if they are willing to share a bed with you, they could already be considering a threeway.
WARNING: Don’t initiate this one without *aggressive verbal consent* from both of these ladies, though. If you just start nonconsensually fondling in the middle of the night, you’ll ruin your chances immediately by virtue of technically being a rapist. Start talking about it while the three of you are in bed and it could be a slippery slope if they both start agreeing with you.


That’s just what’s worked for me in all the MFFs I’ve ever had.  If anybody has any other success stories, post them here for any curious guys!

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