All Aboard


Most girls I talk to fantasize about a gangbang.

This speaks volumes about the company I keep, though I think it’s an accurate representation of most women’s mentality.  For most, this exists only as a fantasy.  For a rare selection, they want to actualize it past their imaginations and the Gangbang Category at  And one of my partners recently came to me to make it happen.

Being the totally great friend that I am, I offered to arrange a gangbang for her birthday!

We talked for a spell about boundaries, a guest list, and what she would do to pay me back.  After all that was arranged, I invited a group of our close friends to a private Facebook event with the following itinerary:


What better way to celebrate one of our dearest friends than by running a train on her cute, little body!

~Choo Choo!~

Join me at my place, where I’ll have the dearie strapped up and blindfolded. If you can follow these guidelines, she’s yours to use up for a spell:

1) 30 minutes
15 minutes may be tacked on to the front/back if you share it with the previous/next person in line.
2) Maximum of 2 people at a time.
3) ~Safewords~
Stop. She needs to immediately stop whatever you’re doing.
Don’t stop, but certainly ease back. Ask her how she would prefer it, then resume.
A question for you to ask her. If it seems like she is having some trouble, take her out of the scene and ask her “green?”. If she is still rearing, she will respond with “green” and/or “supergreen”.
-Snapping Fingers:
This is the safeword when she can’t talk.
4) ~Hard Limits~
-Unprotected Sex. If there’s a cock going in her vagina, keep a condom on it. Protection optional for oral.
-Anal. The butt is an out-hole only.
-Throatfucking. Anything in her mouth shouldn’t go passed the tongue
-Marks. Hickies/scratchmarks are 100% not welcome.
-DPs. One phallus per hole, please.
-Money-Shotting. Any ejaculate should (of course) be spent in a condom. It’s your responsibility to promptly throw used condoms in the trash.



That’s the facebook event so far, we already have 9 of the attendees RSVP’d for the gangbang.  Will keep you posted on how it turns out!

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