Let’s Make a Movie, Baby

If they are open to the idea, my lovers and I will make our own porno.  There are plenty of wonderful reasons to videotape being intimate with your partner:

  1. Distance-
    If you are in a long-distance relationship, it’s a good way to still feel satisfied by your partner.  Sure, you can mutually masturbate via webcams.  But cranking one out over skype just doesn’t have the same viscerally visual effects of watching your partner and yourself fucking.
  2. Exhibitionism-
    Every partner I’ve ever made a video with has told me they get excited thinking of me sitting at home, jerking off to us going to pound-town.  There is something very arousing knowing you made something that can get your partner off remotely.  When you make a video, it’s like crocheting them an orgasm dispenser.
  3. Investment-
    When you make a video with someone, you are making a very real risk.  Because you are not just giving your body at it’s most vulnerable to them, you are giving documented evidence of your body at it’s most vulnerable to them.  They could embarrass you with it, bribe you with it, threaten your job or your relationships.  Sharing yourself at such a sensitive level can be a wonderful display of trust, and a great impetus for bonding.

With all these wonderful reasons to make them, I should clarify something from the very start:

If you make a sex video with someone else, do not show it to anybody else without expressed, enthusiastic consent.

That in mind, let’s go over some winning strategies to turn your partner on to the idea:

  1. Make them feel like a porn star-
    Tell them that you have tried to find an adult film actor/actress that looks like them, but they just don’t have their eyes/smile/tits/cock/squeal.  You’d be awfully fond of making a video, because the professionals just can’t compare.
  2. Offer them a copy too-
    You can destroy somebody with a sex tape.  Offering them a copy will give them the security of mutually assured destruction.  I never tell them that this is the reason I offer it.  I tell them that I get excited by the idea of them watching us together too.
  3. It’ll be a blockbuster-
    Tell your partner that you’ve got a tripod, lighting, a 16GB SD card.  You need their help deciding on a backdrop, costumes, script.  If they feel like you two can make a fun project  together, it’ll be that much more attractive.

So, you’ve convinced yourself to do it.  You’ve convinced your partner to do it.  What will you need?  Here are some basic items:

  1. Camera-
    Just about any camera with a video setting should do.  Phone cameras generally turn out very poor quality videos, which might be good if you or your partner don’t want to be particularly visible.
  2. Lighting-
    If you can’t afford a totally sweet lighting setup, don’t worry about it.  You can make your films look just as stunning and professional with the use of simple clamp lights!
  3. A Tripod-
    Trying to set up a camera on chairs with books to the right height is a chore.  Invest in a tripod if you don’t already have one.  Get one with a quick-release, that way you can switch from 3rd person to PoV in a snap.  The other alternative is getting a friend to be the cameraperson.  If you have somebody with whom everyone is very comfortable, they can get angles that are wonderful and it will bring a sense of life to the scene

You’ve got all the filming materials ready.  What are you going to need to make this film your own?

  1. Setting-
    The bedroom is nice if you have enough room to fit a camera maybe 3-4 feet away from the action to get a full view of everyone.  I generally find living rooms to be a better option because they have more space.  Also, couches make for prime setpiece for some visually excellent positions.  Couches provide levels and an open profile, the best angle for complete exposure of both partners.
  2. Costumes-
    This video is a special occasion, why not put on the garter belt and thigh highs?  If you want to wear masks to add extra anonymity to the films, that could be really good too!
  3. Script-
    Do you want this to be a sex tape or an adult film?  If you want a film, what’s the scene?  Is he here to fix the cable?  Is this a rape scene?  Are the actors playing siblings?  Think about it.  Improvisation can be a lot of fun if you would like to make a sexy story.

Now you’ve finished the fun part, time for the hard part: handling the film.

  1. Editing-
    Final Cut is a great program, though not everyone can afford it.  A great free alternative is Windows Movie Maker.  You won’t be able to add credits at the end or special effects.  But it should be more than suitable if you want to just splice some scenes together, cut out the parts where the phone rings mid-coitus, or add a sexy song to the background.
  2. Security-
    When the video is made, you’ll probably have it on your computer.  This means that anyone who’s on your computer could have a look at it (your buddies/parents/kids/etc…).  I recommend downloading a good encryption software, so that only you and your partner can open the file!  I use AxCrypt to protect my files.  It’s free and dependable!
  3. Sharing-
    Unless you and your partner are into exhibitionism, don’t share it with an adult tube like Redtube or Motherless.  You can use a filesharing site like 4shared or Google Drive.  But even then, if you aren’t careful, you could post your video where others can see it.

If you never make a sex tape, you’re not a frigid prude.  Though it can be a lot of fun.

Some people only make one video.  They do it with somebody they trust.  It satisfies the curiosity about making sex tapes.  Their partner has the good taste to never show anyone else.  And they check that off the bucket list.

About a third of my partners have made a video.  I’ve written/directed/performed in professional adult films.  I’m certainly on one end of the sex-tape bell curve.

Steep though the curve is, it can be a lot of fun if you are comfortable riding closer to the wild end.

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