The Afterparty


This was the most official orgy I’ve ever hosted.

There were briefing dockets, a Facebook event, secret symbolism, even a dress code.

I moved couches and vacuumed carpets like a real adult.

I laid out a buffet table of safe-sex resources.

I even had a pro-domme friend come out to bring her skills, her insights, and her arsenal.

It was a post-script to a cocktail party I was hosting that night.  The party began at the poker table.  A good friend of ours, who’s put Liberal Arts degree to use as a casino dealer, was more than happy to work a game of strip poker pro-bono.

The game was rushed and fun.  We were all so flustered and horny, nobody was really trying to win.  I don’t think there was a hand that was won with more than a pair.  One of my guys even stepped up and wore a sexy pair of lacey ladies panties under his tux as a surprise.  He was probably wearing them the whole party.

Maybe it was comfort thing…

People were aching to get out of their dresses and tuxes.  I had this big plan for a decadent Eyes-Wide-Shut masquerade orgy, but it was 1 am.  People wanted to strip down and get dirty, so nobody wanted to stop and tie up a mask.  I was the only one wearing a masque until night’s end.  Within perhaps 15 minutes of strip poker, the clothes were off and the party moved from the poker table to the living room.

I still didn’t think that people were ready to start fucking, so we began a game of Truth or Dare Jenga.  As the master of ceremonies, I had a list of specific truths and dares they would be doing specifically for the afterparty (Read: a list of fake truths and dares I was making up on-the-spot to stimulate the orgy).

Dares involved fun activities like laying on the lap of a stranger and being spanked, or receiving a hickey in a place of your choosing.

Truths involved questions like “what sexual position do you want to have with the player opposite you?” or “who in present company would you like to perform oral sex on the most?”

During the game, it’s revealed that one of the gals in attendance has had a reoccurring BDSM fantasy about another lady in attendance.  One of the men was instructed to kiss the person at the party he finds the most attractive, and he came up to me for a smooch.

Fellatio was performed.  Dirty names were uttered.  Organs became turgid.

We do maybe two rounds of this game before I ask a question on my turn:
“Normally, if you tip knock over the tower you have to do a truth or dare from the player on your left.  Do we want to do that for this game too?”

There is some aroused carousal before somebody else chimes in:
“If you knock over the tower, you have to start having sex with the player to your left!”

Uproarious approval is heard from the masses.

I kick over the tower.

I start with the player on my left.  She was just meeting everyone, so I wanted to ease her into the group sex dynamic softly.  We gave each other sweet, hard kisses and grabbed each others bodies tightly.  Fists wrapped up her hair, my cock, her bust.  I pulled away as she dove at my neck.  I got a full look at the room.

There were 11 other people doing the same thing.

She and I had continued stroking and touching as I had felt legs begin to rub up against my own.  A pair of lips caresses my open hip.  I feel a man’s touch on my back and I liked it too.  The girl I started with stuffs my cock into her mouth and begins sucking it, only pulling away to catch bated breaths and stroke me hard and fast.

I steal away with the gals who were revealing BDSM fantasies to each other and we have a fun scene in my gym.  I strap her up like I’m wrapping a present for my other gal, give her a crop and let her rail her about to her heart’s content.  I also learned that weight benches make excellent bondage furniture.

After setting up the gals to have themselves a kink scene proper, I retired back to the living room to observe for a little while.  As has been tradition in the orgies that I host, I like to step away from the action and read adult magazines from the 90s.  It’s a good laugh when all the people fucking around me notice, and it frees up one of the girls for somebody who’s been interested.

Tragically, these people just wouldn’t let me read my pornos in privacy!

Hands came up around my back, down my chest, around my hard cock.  They even gently removed the Playboy from my hands!  We began weaving in and out of each other;  our bodies mingling and shifting.

We were daisy chaining.  Before I realized, the gals were bent over side by side and my friend was taking them from behind with me.  They turned to face each other and kissed.  He and I did the same.  I was recruiting guys and strapped-on girls to fuck open a gal’s throat

Before I knew it, I was with the same girl with whom I started.

There was a more private couch set up in the dining room.  She was riding me, grinding her soft hips against my own.  Her full, plump bosom just getting close enough for me to nibble at.  The night was drawing to a close, and I wanted to finish with her.

The grinding got more furious, I could hear the noise of her wet hole getting forced open again and again.  All the way out, then all the way in; that’s a surefire way to make me finish.  We were both moaning and there was screaming and bodies all around us.

At the height of my climax, I told her to take my mask off.

I tried hard to keep my eyes open as I began thrusting hard and deep.  Coming more and more with every hard pump.  She took off my mask as I was finishing.

She looked like she found an old friend.

She kissed me, and I whinnied out the last death throes of fucking before I let my cock slide out of her.  She rested over me, her head on my shoulder.  We stayed there, breathing heavy on each other for some minutes.

“I’m awfully fond of you” I said between heavy breaths.  She kept her head buried in my shoulder.
“I’m a little fond of you too” She replied, her head still whimpered down to my neck.

Then she sat up and held the mask back onto my face and said “I like him too”.

One response to “The Afterparty

  1. Nice!! Your party reminds me of something my fuck buddy was telling me. He used to be in the military and at one point was on a ship when one of the female captains naughty videos leaked out. It was a home video and she was into swinging. He said there was this game they played at a party where all the wives were lined up in a row, bent over a bench naked. The husbands were all blindfolded and spun around so they wouldn’t know who was who. Then they played “find the wife” and had to see if they could recognize their own wife’s pussy w their cock. Obviously people got a bit distracted on the way, lol…

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