Briefing Docket

I have hosted some orgies in my time.

I’ve orchestrated multiple person encounters ranging from 3-16 people in my dinky apartment, in tents out in the woods, or in a buddy’s tiny bedroom.  They have almost always been spur-of-the-heat-of-the-moment events.

But I was reading about orgies in The Ethical Slut and studying some of the guides from Nina Hartley, and I decided to really class this event up.  This orgy is different from my usuals in that I am carefully regulating the Male:Female ratio, I’m sending out personalized invitations (In PDF format, no less), and there’s even a private Facebook event for it.

I’m hosting the orgy as an afterparty to a black tie cocktail party.  The theme of this orgy is going to be the masquerade.  If you were wondering, yes, I am trying to recreate that one scene from the movie Eyes Wide Shut.

After having carefully chosen the guest list, they were all invited to a facebook event with this small novella briefing them in house rules:


The Strip-Poker
Afterparty Masquerade


With so many people in town for the Mardi Gras Masquerade, and the Cocktail Poker Party, we thought to host an afterparty that was a combination of the two! Therefore, we will be hosting a:

~Masquerade Strip-Poker Afterparty~

You are cordially invited to the party to end the party to end all parties. We will be playing a game of strip poker. The game begins when we all gather around the table in our masques. You leave the table when all you have left is your masque.

Then you can adjourn to the Losers Lounge to entertain yourselves and wallow in defeat. The most satisfying defeat of your life.


If you are reading this far, words don’t need to be minced any further.

This game of strip-poker is a refined foreplay for an all-out sex party that will be hosted that evening.

~Why make a facebook event for the orgy?~
– So everyone in attendance knows who will be in attendance.
– You can list any preferences and/or boundaries (E.G. “My Kinsey Scale # is 2”, “Only John Doe is allowed to spank me”, “Latex allergy”, “Eiffel Tower me, please”, etc…)
– You can indicate whether you and/or your partners are open to physicality from others. If you and/or your partner(s) would like to indulge only by watching and being watched, make sure to note that you are only interested in “parallel play”.
– Nina Hartley encourages it.
– Everyone can familiarize themselves with the house rules before the event begins.

1. Use protection
Condoms on all cocks and toys where needed. Gloves and dams where requested. Change them when changing partners. Turning them inside out does not count.
2. Get permission
Fisting, kissing, or just watching, unless it’s something you’ve done before with the person in question, (even if you have, it couldn’t hurt to) ask first. Don’t go ahead without *aggressive, informed consent* of all parties involved.
3. Leave no trace
No photography. No hickeys or bite marks.
4. Contain your liquids
Please keep all ejaculate in condoms and disposed of it immediately. No blood/piss/scat play allowed at the afterparty. My couches are not wrapped in plastic. Maybe that’s why Grandma does it…
5. Clean up
If it has been more than 24 hours since you bathed by the time the afterparty starts, go have a shower. Wash, shave, have some Axe Bodyspray if you want lots of attention.

-The Living Room
4 couches and a queen size. This room is ideal for watching and being watched, we could fit everyone on the guest list here if we really wanted!
-The Dining Room
The central hub of the party. We’ll have a buffet of sex toys and safe sex resources. Sure, there will be a mattress there that’s big enough for 3-5 people too…
-The Home Gym (AKA The Lovenasium)
The home of any and all kinkability. BDSM gear supplies will be available here, or you could just start pumping iron to get the rest of the party excited. Do you even lift, bro?
Do not sexile people from the bathroom in the event that they need to bathe or go potty.
Where the game will be played. Drinks and snacks will be available here until night’s end. You can also pop down here for a smoke in between the party’s encounters.
If you are done with the afterparty, feel free to join a platonic cuddle puddle that will be going on in my queen size.

~What You Should Bring~
– Dress up; bring a masquerade mask and something sexy to strip down to for the Losers Lounge, and bring something comfortable to change into afterward (jammies, robes, sneakers, etc…)
– The house will have a heavy supply of condoms, water-based lube, nitrile gloves, and baby wipes. If you have a personal preference for any of these, please bring your own!
– The house can supply clean towels and even a handful of robes. But it never hurts to bring your own. Hitchhikers Guide, duh.
– Bondage and spanking toys will be available. You are more than welcome to bring some toys from your own arsenal, though. Please make sure all toys brought to the event are cleaned beforehand!


This event’s guest list is only visible to attendees, if you have any recommendations for guests, please submit them directly to me.

If you have any suggestions for house rules, please submit them directly to me. A poster will be printed the day of the event so everyone is certain.


That’s the facebook event so far, we already have 11 of the attendees RSVP’d for the orgy.  Will keep you posted on how it turns out!

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