Peter, Paul, & Mary

This blog is about polyamory and sexcapades, but it’s not like the twain shall never meet.  Multiple partner sexual encounters: threesomes, foursomes and moresomes happen all the time.  I want to talk about threesomes for a spell.

Specifically, the kind with two guys.

The MMF, the Devil’s Threeway, Riding the Man-Train, fingercuffing, spitroasting; this activity has many names.  Society usually gives many different metonyms to subjects that make people uncomfortable.  But this form of lovemaking is becoming much more common.

The MMF threeway has come a long way in 5 years alone.  What started (2006) as a really dirty song by possibly the most flagrantly sexual music artist alive today, eventually became a baby-making club jam (2009) by the princess of pop.  The most popular incarnation yet (2011) was done by the princess’ ex on primetime television.

The public presence of the MMF is just the tip of the fuckberg.  In my experience, the majority of women have a fantasy involving more than one man, even if many of them want to keep this as a fantasy without actualizing it.  The number of friends that have actualized this fantasy is definitely not the majority, but it is certainly much higher than you might expect.

Now that it’s becoming more popular, I see no reason for it to be a hushed faux pas.  If you are a couple interested in developing your MMF threesome skills, this post is for you!  We’re still transitioning to making the MMF as realistic as the FFM, mind you.  The transition period is going to be a bit of a trial, so be sure to exercise caution, specifically:

  • Ask what the lady wants.  Does she want to get treated by two gentlemen?  Does she want to get used up by two horny guys?  Does she want to play a supporting role in some yaoi fantasy that she muses?  Does she want them to take turns?  Does she want them to make an Eiffel Tower?  What revs her vagine is going to be a driving factor in this whole party.
  • Find out where the guys fall on the Kinsey Scale.  Sure, it would be great if everybody was on everybody.  It’s hard enough to find two guys who want to have sex with the same gal at the same time.  But to also find two that want to bang each other during that?  Tough.  Getting double-teamed by two straight guys can be a lot of fun for everyone, even if they guys don’t make eye contact.  Regardless, find out how comfortable they are with each other first!
  • Talk to your partners about who’s going where.  Who goes first?  Who finishes last?  Where do they finish?  If it’s a couple bringing in another guy, what holes is he allowed to use?  If you are going for a double-stuffing, who’s taking the ass?  Establish these things now, it’s not good to improvise too much when surrounded by dicks.

Now here are some benefits and pitfalls of the MMF threeway:


  1. Double your pleasure
    The female body is full of erogenous zones, more than any one partner can occupy at any given time.  Double the men, double the stimulation.  Having twice the fingertips on skin, twice the lips on collar and chest, and twice the cock can be a very decadently pleasurable experience.  After all, a lady has all those holes.  Guys hate to see them go to waste.
  2. Personal Wingmanning
    There are plenty of guys, whether they admit it or not, who really do care for their other male friends.  There can be more than just a sense of comradery or bromance.  A lot of the time, men feel an intimate connection for the other men in their life.  While they may not want to suck dick, drink mojitos, and march in the pride parade; they might certainly want to share a lover with the men to whom they feel close.
  3. Utilize those skills
    It’s always been said, and been recently proven, that women are better at multitasking than men.  You can handle two dudes better than your guy handles two ladies.  I know a lot of girls might be scared by the idea of having to please two men at once.  But if guys can handle an FFM,  It just makes sense that a lady would be able to take better care of two guys.  Because science, that’s why.


  1. Going soft.
    This has happened every time I have ever had a sexual encounter with a girl and another guy.  Most times, it’s the guy’s first time getting it up with another dude there.  Sometimes, it’s an old pro who’s off his game.  Sometimes, i’m the one going soft.   And when it slips away, a lot of guys think it’ll never come back, though many times it does.  Us guys have all been cultured for a very long time to think that you should never ever have a boner around another man, it’s hard to break that training.   Here are some things that worked for me:
    If you are the soft one:
    Don’t drink.  Preventative measure, whiskey dick happens to the best of us.  It happens a lot more when you need to perform.
    Step off the girl for a spell.  Watch the two of them and touch yourself.  They’ll can get excited from being watched, you can find a hot voyeuristic thrill, and it’s a lot more comfortable when you know they’re with each other, not watching you work through your issue.
    -Tell them what you want.  If you’ve got a certain way that always gets you hard, let them know that you’re going to need her to tickle your balls while she sucks your dick or whatever always works for you.
    If the other guy can’t get it up:
    Give him some time alone with her.  Tell them you’re going to go take a shower or have a smoke.  When you get back, the boner ball should be rolling and you can just throw yourself in the mix.
    -Put on some porno.  Something very vanilla and sexy.  Chances are, he’s used to getting a boner when that’s on.
    -Tell him you want to watch.  Even if you’d rather play.  The idea that you would rather watch him fuck a girl than fuck the girl will make him feel like god’s gift to manhood.
  2. Surprise Homosexuality.
    There have been a number of times during an MMF encounter where the other man, independently of any knowledge of my sexuality, just started performing fellatio.  I wasn’t going to complain, but I can understand other men being put off by this kind of unprompted behavior.
  3. Stewing competition
    Ladies, please keep this in mind if the guys aren’t into each other: We compare in the locker rooms; of course, we compare in a threeway.  Not just size, either.  We compare fitness, grooming, technique.  If you are the vertex in this ensemble, try and diffuse any competition.  Make them feel like they are really working together.  Put the team in double-teaming.  Don’t ever make them feel like they are competing for your affections.

There is a lot more to be said for the MMF engagement: positions, aftercare, safety, etc…

Until I write a part two, I hope this covers enough for those of you curious to finally try!

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