Flawless Victory


Yes, I do sometimes equate my ejaculation with a fatality like in the old Mortal Kombat Arcade.  That game taught me a lot about my own sexuality.  There are a lot of parallels for me between my sex life and the 1992 Mortal Kombat game:

  • I use special moves
  • It happens in a dungeon sometimes
  • There’s one girl for every six guys
  • Every round doesn’t last longer than 90 seconds
  • The movie adaptations were very disappointing

I draw very special attention to the end of the match though, the finishing move.  Even if it’s a great match, and our fingers are worked to burger and we are gasping for breath at the end of yelling wild things at each other the whole time, even then, it’s no good without the Pièce de résistance.  When the announcer says FINISH HIM, you’ve got to deliver the fatality.  Or in the case of a good session of fucking, my climax; which I sometimes call a fatality.

Most guys can only finish one time.  Because of this, that culminating spell of godsent bliss is their only official time to shine.  As long as it’s harmless, I encourage you to tolerate, nay, celebrate whatever noises, faces, or other celebrations they want to make.  After all, you helped them make it!

Specifically though, I want to talk about what happens to my ejaculate.  I can only churn out so much every day, I don’t want to see it go any old place!

With no further ado, I give you:

Pilot Precise’s Guide to the Spectacle of Jizzing

First thing you need to decide is where you want that thing to go off.

Some recommendations:

  • In you
  • On you
  • On something (or someone) else

Finishing Inside

Make sure you’re using condoms unless you have an established fluid bonding with your partner, of course.  Protected or no, finishing inside someone is less a spectacle of jizz and more a spectacle of reaction and symbolism.  But we can still make a show of it:

  • In a condom-
    There’s nothing wrong with having a guy finish in a condom (unless he’s allergic to whatever material you’re using).  It’s hard to make a spectacle of his climax with this, though.  What you can do: make a spectacle out of taking the condom off.  Roll it off slowly, paying attention to the parts of him that are still sensitive.  Then make a fun prop out of the condom:
    -Milk it out onto your body or into your mouth.
    -Tell him you’re keeping the used condom in your panties all day.
    -Take the condom off and pitch it against the wall.  Try to make it stick!
  • In a vagina (creampieing)-
    Firstly, make sure that the person is using birth control and that the two of you are on the same page considering abortion.  Unless you are looking to procreate, then just go buckwild!  Finishing inside of a vagina is a really intimate experience, as far as your bodies are concerned, your progenerating the human race; which feels pretty good.  You can color it kinky by:
    -Finger yourself afterwards, then lick your fingers
    -Having a third partner eat you out so they can taste the cum
    -Say something really kinky while he’s finishing, like “I want to have your abortion”.
  • In the anus
    Anal creampies are really fun with major pros and major cons.  The pros include zero chance of pregnancy.  But unless you’re into anal felching[NSFW], there’s not a lot you can do once the deposit has been made.
  • In the mouth
    If you need to pull out, but don’t want to make a mess of anything but your partner, giving it to them in the mouth is an excellent option.  Spit, swallow, or snowball; it says a lot when you take a shot in the mouth.  Here are some items that can really enhance the experience:
    -Make sure your guy doesn’t smoke and limits heavy drinking.  Have him eat a lot of foods with natural sugars, like Pineapple.  This will make his semen taste much better and you can compliment him on giving you a treat!
    -After he’s pumped your mouth full of cum, if you don’t want to swallow, you can let it drip down onto your body.  That way, your guy won’t feel any dejection of seeing his load get spit into the trash/toilet/hamper.

Finishing On You

Moneyshotting.  If you want to make a spectacle of it, make sure they can see it.  Wherever you put it!

  • In the face
    As someone who’s gotten it in the eyes and hair, it’s definitely not worth it.  If you want to finish like a porn star, do it like a pro and aim.
  • On the tits
    Great place to finish!  If they have a huge rack, it’s a wonderful accent.  It’s like planting a flag on top of a really tall mountain you just climbed.  If they have very petite, tiny breasts, the load will look fucking monstrous!  Like they got blasted with a torrential moneyshot.
  • On the tummy
    No matter what kind of tummy they have: a tight little tummy, a plump and round one, a big one from being pregnant.  Tummy shots are great because the recipient gets to see it too, so they can see how much they just brewed out of their partner.
  • On the bottom
    Fucking from behind, finish from behind.  The anticipation of being on all fours, feeling your partner stroking himself; it’s an excellent buildup to the culminating, warm burst of feeling someone finish on your behind.
  • On the feet
    Foot fetish is one of the most popular fetishes.  One of the few that I have yet to wrap my desires around.  If your partner has a foot fetish, talk to them about potentially involving a moneyshot on the feet/in the shoes/on the stockings.
  • On the hole.
    Pulling out just at the end and finishing on whatever orifice was just being penetrated can be very hot and primal.  People are always more sensitive right at the hole, so it’s that much more exciting when something thick and warm gets shot all over it.

Mind you, the climax isn’t the end when finishing on a partner.  You can be a considerate lover and juxtapose the harsh moneyshot by performing a gentle cleanup.  You can keep the power play all day by having them put their shirt/panties on over what just got sprayed on them, then make them walk around with that rubbing against them as a reminder all day long.  So much potential when you don’t spend it all in one place!  Speaking of which…

Finishing off your partner

If it’s not going in them or on them, where’s it going?

  • On their clothes
    Just like finishing on someone and making them put clothes over it to remind them all day, you can reach the same result by finishing on somebodies bra/panties/heels/balaklava…
  • In a dish
    If you are into pet-play[NSFW], Gokkun, or just cooking, the spectacle can be made by having the finale be presented as a treat (or a punishment) in a dish.  You can then reward (or force) them to eat it up.
  • On somebody else
    The tough part about threeways with guys is that most guys only get to finish one time.  How do two people share one climax?  Try one, or any combination of these:
    -Have partner A stroke a climax onto partner B: That way one partner feels the accomplishment of getting someone off, and the other partner feels like they are the inspiration for it (they also get the receive it!).
    -Finish on both partners.  Sharing is caring!  And it’s a very common porno trope to finish on two partners at once.  Finish on their faces[NSFW], or anywhere else I listed in the Finishing On section.  Get creative and try finishing on one partner, so it drips onto your other partner[NSFW]!
  • Onto yourself
    It’s very nice to wind down from an excellent session by having a partner clean up a mess they just made on your person.  Whether they are using a soft towel, their own panties, or their tongue, aftercare for a guy is its own flavor.  Warning though, a lot of guys (myself included) have a thick chest of hair.  Getting jizz out of body hair is about as tough as getting it out of the hairs on your head!
  • Onto their stuff
    Even outside their clothing, this plays into a power dynamic really well.  The symbolism can get real rich too, some of these worked for me:
    -Jizzing up a pillow for them to sleep on.  When living apart, it’s a good way to stay on a partner’s mind.  LDR peoples, I’m looking at you!
    -Finish onto a photo:  A picture of them, their shitty ex, a different partner (for soft cucking), a cute celebrity, get creative!
    -Their childhood toys.  There’s a very special kind of control that only comes from having a partner jerk you off onto their Pikachu plushy from 5th grade.

That all but concludes the guidelines.  Mind you, this is the tip of the iceberg as far as the spectacle of jizzing.  Part 2 could definitely be written, but you’re bound to find hundreds of different answers if you ask the men in your life where they want it to go!

Happy jizzing!

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